Funny Q&A

The best way to learn about wine is in the drinking , by Alexis Lichine

1. Which of the following countries is the old world? 
     a. Spain
     b. Argentina
     c. U. S. A.
     d. South Africa

Answer is A

2. How many grape varieties are there in Italy?
     a. 50 or less
     b. 50-100
     c. 100-150
     d. 150 or above

Answer is D

3. Which of the following regions is not in France?
     a. Languedoc
     b. Cahors
     c. Puglia
     d. Cognac

Answer is C

4. Which of the following grapes does not make champagne?  
     a. Chardonnay
     b. Sauvignon Blanc
     c. Pinot Noir
     d. Pinot Mounier

Answer is B

5. Which of the following is not red grapes?
    a. Gamay
    b. Cinsault
    c. Gruner Veltliner
    d. Negroamaro

Answer is C

6. Which of the following temperature that is most suitable for enjoying dry white?
    a. Below 5°C
    b. 5-10°C
    c. 10-15°C
    d. 15-20°C

Answer is B