What is a Liqueur?

A liqueur is an alcoholic drink composed of distilled spirits and additional flavorings such as fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices. Unique aroma, sweet taste, help digestion, suitable for drinking alone before or after meals.
The color of liqueur is mostly vivid and sweet, therefore, it is also suitable for blending cocktails with various color levels. Because it is prepared with distilled spirits as the base wine, the alcohol level is generally higher than red wine.

Product Description

Weinbergpfirsich Likör

The liqueurs brewed by the German Jobst family are selected from the best fruits and processed gently and carefully. Therefore, they are proud of their orchard and the aroma of the best selected fruits; and use it to make a delicious and sweet liqueur made from the unique local fragrant peaches.

Kaffee Likör

It is made from high-quality coffee beans, boiled, filtered and other processes.
The wine color is like coffee, aromatic, rich and happy, and it is worth tasting.

Schlehen Likör

That is a rare fruit outside of middle Europe. It is a very good and special Likör. More like a plum but less sweet, and more aroma and flavor, bit like almond smell.

Recommended drinking methods

After-dinner wine is usually used, which often replaces desserts,
but it can also be added to ice cream.
Sometimes, it can also be used as an apéritif and drank before a meal.
On the other hand, they are also suitable for mixing with cocktails.